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    "The first time we launched the RSRT toolbar to our community of supporters, the campaign was a great success!"

    -- Monica, RSRT

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    "iRobinhood enables me to give to a cause I believe in simply by shopping online. Nothing could be easier. Who wouldn’t love it?"

    -- Julie Margolies, Supporter

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    "iRobinHood's platform has opened up an entirely new revenue stream that we would not otherwise have access to!"

    -- Janet Rotter, Head of School

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    "I’ve donated more money this year than any other by using iRobinHood’s toolbar. I don’t have to think about donating because it’s automatic!"

    -- Lora, Supporter

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    "It’s so easy to share donations on my Facebook wall. One click and all my friends and family can see how I support my favorite charity."

    -- Chris, Supporter


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